Community Environmental Restoration

Participatory environmental education initiative, which aims to strengthen environmental knowledge among young people by educating them as promoters and environmental leaders, through training, community diagnosis, and participatory activities of restoration and environmental improvement.

Participatory Objectives

  • Encourage the active participation of young people in environmental restoration projects.

  • Generate environmental information through participatory environmental diagnosis.

  • Promote environmental awareness of the community and disseminate it.

  • Contribute to the environmental restoration of the community.

  • Generate local networks of collaboration and action on environmental issues.


Participatory environmental education



Formación de Promotores

Training of promoters

Diagnóstico Ambiental Participativo

Participatory environmental diagnosis

Socialization and Activities

Socialization and activities

Relations Council

Community alliances are created with teachers, parents, municipal government, NGOs, and other leading organizations in the community.

The intention of the Council is to facilitate the communication and the necessary steps to carry out the project. We work with councils in 6 states of the Mexican Republic.

Impact and results


Flora and wildlife records


Didactic spaces


Communicative guides


Nationwide active groups